Award winning Filmmaker & Producer

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What I Do & Create:

Commercially-driven films: Projects of all genres ranging from documentaries to real life events that is elevated by a high-concept script, solid cast, high production value, and experienced crew members capable of executing a vision.

Inspirational pieces: Life-affirming stories with the potential to provoke new ways of thinking about entrenched issues and challenge the status quo.

Documentaries: Previously untold historical or contemporary non-fiction stories about ordinary individuals facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles.


Filmmaker • Entrepreneur • Artist

I’m committed to producing inspiring and informative media product for both specialized and mainstream audiences. I consider myself a dynamic visionary who leverages proficiency in marketing and media advertising, video production and administration and imports candid video artistry into film-making.”

“God’s gift to you is your talent.. what you do with it is your gift to him. -JPW”