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Give back

I enjoy giving back and support charities in my community. I’ve supported and volunteered for over 80 organization throughout the region. Here’s my top 5!

Britticares International

Nonprofit organization committed to finding new and better ways to improve the quality of life for children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

La Hermandad Hank Lacayo Family Centers

La Hermandad’s mission is to address the legal, social, educational, and economical inequities facing immigrants, their families, our youth, and the senior population. 

The Real Estate Fraud Advisory Team

a unique collaboration between the Ventura County District Attorney’s Real Estate Fraud Unit and Ventura County real estate professionals. 

Princess ARISING

The organization Educate, Encourage, Edify, Empower and Motivate women to the best they are called to be

The 20th Century Onyx Club Inc.

A civic and social organization whose membership is comprised of Women of African-American decent that reside in the Ventura area.